4X4 Wheel Drive

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4X4 Wheel Drive

4X4 Wheel Drive | Youngs Performance Differential - Tulsa, OK

Some people may not know that 4x4 wheel drive vehicles require mechanical knowledge and parts much different than standard two-wheel drive vehicles. At Youngs Performance Differential in Tulsa, OK, our technicians are trained and certified, maintaining the most up-to-date education. We have the necessary tools and equipment necessary to perform the maintenance required on all vehicles, including the specialized tools and equipment required of 4x4 wheel drive vehicles.

Whether you use your 4x4 wheel drive for off-road or on-road, the 4x4 wheel drive uses more power, and therefore, requires special maintenance. Trust the experts of family-owned and operated Youngs Performance Differential. We are specialists in 4x4 wheel drive vehicles and provide on-site repairs. We can get all the parts required for your 4x4 wheel drive vehicle while saving you time and money.

The pulling on the vehicle from its 4x4 wheel drive puts more strain on the vehicle’s mechanisms, which in turn increases the need for more preventative care during routine maintenance. When you bring your 4x4 wheel drive vehicle in for its routine maintenance, here is an example of the service we provide:

• We will drain and then refill the transfer case with clean, fresh fluids.
• We will drain and refill the front and rear differentials with clean, fresh fluids.
• If your 4x4 wheel drive has an automatic transmission, we perform a power flush, and a 100% total transmission fluid exchange.
• For 4x4 wheel drive vehicles with manual transmission, we will, first, completely drain and then refill your vehicle’s transmission with new, clean fluids.
• Additionally, we perform an external diagnostic service check to find any potential problems that can be fixed before they become an emergency.

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