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Differential Specialist

Differential Specialist | Youngs Performance Differential - Tulsa, OK

Does your vehicle make a grinding sound when you make turns? Did you know this can be easily and inexpensively fixed with a simple rear end differential inspection? It is only when the grinding is ignored and the grinding continues that the rear end differential often needs to be replaced.

Youngs Performance Differential is a family-owned and operated auto repair shop, located in the Tulsa, OK area for over forty years. We are differential specialists that work with family values and an old-school, work mentality valuing our customers and considering them family.

If you are hearing strange noises coming from the back of your vehicle, let us get your car or truck’s rear in gear! When you come in, one of our differential specialists will be sure to figure out the source of your vehicle’s grinding sounds. We will look for any damaged differential gears and other parts, check the differential fluid levels, and make any necessary adjustments. We will check and make any adjustments to your wheel alignment and rotate them if needed, and check your vehicle’s gear reduction capabilities.

Our differential specialists are experienced, servicing regular, high-performance, and custom vehicles. After we service your vehicle, you will notice its quiet, smooth, and most important, safe turning. You will leave Youngs Performance Differential feeling like you are leaving a dealership with a brand new vehicle.

Contact us now and allow one of our differential specialists to check out your car or truck today!

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