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Is your car or truck making sounds that make you nervous and uncomfortable? Maybe it is a rumbling sound you are hearing? It could be what we call a driveline vibration. There is a fine science to auto mechanics and you want to put your car or truck into the hands of experienced professionals. At Youngs Performance Differential, we have the ability to work on both older vehicles and the new technology to work with the computer components in today’s modern models, too.

Being a family-owned company located in the Tulsa, OK community for over forty years, we consider our customers not only part of our community, but part of our family. We have earned the trust of our loyal customers by our honesty, hard work, and dedication. Our customers bring their vehicles to us knowing that we will not perform unnecessary repairs. We understand that when your car or truck is experiencing a driveline vibration, sometimes it only needs to be tightened or oiled; other times you may need new parts or more intense labor, such as replacement of CV joints, gears, or wheel alignment.

Youngs Performance Differential are driveline specialists working with cars and trucks with all-wheel drive and we are confident that we are the right mechanics to “gear your rear.” We understand the angle adjustments that need to be made on both the front and rear drivelines. Below are a few of the questions our mechanics ask when looking at your vehicle’s driveline vibration problem.

• Is the vehicle’s drive shaft bent or dented?
• Are any of the slip yokes or joints damaged?
• Do the coil springs need to be adjusted?
• Are there suspension brackets on the axle and are they in place?
• Does your car or truck need longer or shorter spring shackles?
• Do the spring perches need to be rotated?

Call us today or bring in your vehicle for a free estimate and we will get your vehicle up and going again! We look forward to welcoming you to our family!

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